♥xneversaneverx♥ (hecate_420) wrote,

this is what happens when i dont get sleep

roiling boiling mortal coiling
bubbly burny muscley fat
hot tot buns covered up x mark scars
kissing but not telling or kissing just to have something to tell
bless me dearie what ever have i done
i can see through myself through your eyes seeing through me
squiggly wiggly little itty bitty wrinkly lines
twisted metal paperclips and bosium strips and naked women strip strip strip!
peel the flesh from bone to see
how beautifully red underneath can be
cluttered boxes hit the floor bursting open boxes bursting wide open boxes filled with mean little things that prod and prick and bruise
sly peeking perverted thief stealing long creamy glances from behind your tree
i see youuu! i do! i do!
say i do say do do do.
nasty sounding pumpkin pasties nasty looking english pastries
the sizzling skewered fat, the scars disguised
the truthful kiss and all kisses were lies
watch yourself watch YOURSELF reflected a hundred thousand times
furrowed brow overused but wrongly used mind
sick thoughts swimming in dying oozy gooeyness
pain pain pain pain window pane
food food food food food but not that kind never that kind
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