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stolen from Jiro-sans little sister, Sabs..

Check it out, im getting hooked up with triple stacks later! to my knowledge the fattest tabs that have ever reached philippine shores are double stacks. YEAAAH. yellow suns daw or something. the rock, the river, the tree... the rock, the river, the tree..... ECSTASY!

1.Name: Brendan Samson
2.Nick: Bam
3.Middle Name: Ong
4.Hair: Black
5.Eyes: Dark Brown
6.Height: 5'8
7.Weight: 137 hah. that felt good. :p
8.Location: Motown, CA
9.Birthday: September 26, 1984
10.Zodiac: Libra
11.Animal: Dwarf Bunnies
12.Sport/s: Basketball, Volleyball
13.Color/s: Black, Pink, Blue, Orange
14.Song: Dami eh.
15.Band/Singer: A Perfect Circle/Maynard James Keenan
17.Flower: Bluebells
18.Scent: On girls or on me? im addicted to the blueberry lotion my ex has. on me right now, KENZO.
19.Movies: American History X
20.Holiday: Christmas. But i just want the gifts.
22.Element: Fire.
23.Books: Stardust and Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman.
24.Do you wear makeup?: No.
26.Do you look for personality or
looks: Both.
27.Perfect girl: Jamie Chun!
28.How many rings before you answer the
phone: I used to go with 2, but now i don't care anymore.
29.Future Career plans: I have no future.
31.Do you want kids: I dint but this cute little spanish kid at mass the other day made me change my mind. she was so cute David and I wanted to take her home. haha.
33.Are you beautiful: No.
34.Do you have your own phone line?: Yes.
35.Do you get along with your family?: Depends.
36.Do you have any piercings or tattoos?: 1 on my left ear and one on my tongue. no tattoos.. they're too permanent fo meh.
37.Giving hugs? Not in a while but HELL YEAH.
8.Taking walks in the rain: Definitely yes.
39.The mall?: Pinas? Yes. Here? Hellz no.
40.Go on stage?: I've got stage fright.
41.To drink: Yes.
42.to Smoke: Yes. Yes.
43.Drugs: Yes. Yes. Yes. None of that intravenous shit tho.
44.Eat meat: Yes.
45.Date: Err. I'm not sure if i have.
46.Gender: Metro.
47.Eat sushi: HECK YEAH.
48.Bike: Yep. Not in a while but yes.
50.Lace or Satin: SYEMPRE LACE!
51.Blue or red: Blue.
52.New or Old: I need both.
53.Rain or Snow: Snow cuz i've never seen it. <-- dint change Sabs answer here.
55.Wool or Cotton: Cotton.
56.Rose or Daisy: Rose.
57.Private school or public school: Pinas? Private. Here? I don't give a fuck.
58.Plain milk or chocolate milk: Both! ^^
59.Celsius or Fahrenheit: Who cares?
60.Spring or Fall: Fall! cuz the cold weathers just startin :p
61.Math or Art: ART. fuck math.
62.One pillow or two: A Gazillion Bazillion.
64.Adidas or Nike: K-Swiss.
65.Coke or Pepsi: Iced Tea.
66.Oranges or Apple: Both.
67.Deaf or Blind: Dead.
68.Pool or hot tub: Both.
69.Blonde or Brunette: Both.
70.Guys or Girls: Girls.
71.Tall or short: Doesn't matter.
72.TV or Radio: Both.
73.Homosexuality: What about it? I'm no hater.
74.Brand names: Hah. I used to love this question. hmm.. Element, O'Neill, Quiksilver, Hollister.
75.Abortion: Yes.
76.Religion: Roman Catholic.
77.Animal Rights: Yeah.
78.Love at first sight: It could happen..
79.God: What about her?
80.Aliens: Yes. Believing in more intelligent forms of life makes my life more interesting.
81.Horoscopes: Fun.
82.Heaven: Some manifestation of it yes.
83.Hell: See answer to #82.
84.Reincarnation: It's possible..
85.Transvestites: Sick.
86.Boy Bands: Yes. Hah. Yan ang tru.
87.Rap: Yes.
88.80's music: Yes.
89.Punk: YES.
90.Whats the prettiest instrument(s): pretty? eh?
91.Whats the prettiest part of the body?: The lower back drives me crazy. Fetish eh. Eyes and Hair too.
92.Biggest fault: Letting others dictate what i do with my own life.
93.Biggest fears: The World.
94.Do you live in the moment?: Sometimes.
95.Do you care about looks?: I'm a superficial bastard so yeah.
96.Do you like your handwriting?: Sometimes. My friends say it's hella gay tho.
97.Obsession: Asian girls.
98.Looking forward to: Going home.
99.Favorite weather: Cloudy with just the right wind blowing.
100.Do you ever wish you were somebody
else?: Yeah..
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