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ok on to the real stuff.

yesterday was david's grad day. i met so many people yesterday, i dunno if i'll be able to remember their names. but anyway, here's how the day went. some of his friends came over in the morning and we drove to turlock for brunch. we drove my tita's car and his friends were in two other cars. i was a bit weirded out cuz the car we were following kept tripping. the fool was swerving all over the place and he kept doing left and right signals. thats when my cousin told me that the guys driving were damn racers. kaya pala. crazy azn kids. i did my best to keep up tho but since our car wasnt tricked up like theirs was, everytime they gassed it, we got smoked. but it was fun. letting lose and driving all crazy again. i felt free.. i put on my armor of immortality again just for that day or maybe for my whole stay in motown. we were doing stunts on the freeway like theyd speed up one car in front of the other and leave me a space in the middle. then id come in and get in the space they left. adrenalin rush! so we dropped by this guys place.. he looked amazingly like raf.. seriously.. but he was viet.. anyway, he was showing them some shocks and other car parts he just bought for like a grand. tangina yan.. expensive hobby this street racing eh? they were all kids younger than me too!..

afterwards we went to eat at deChina buffet. yeaah. they had goood foooooddddd. all you can eat for 7 dollars! they even had baked mussels! tahong pucha! sarap!!!! waaaah! sinulit namin yun bayad. haha. afterwards, it was just david and i goin home. we dropped by pronet and i played cs for the first time since october.. it wasnt a pretty sight... i disappointed some of the people that were waitin for me to come back since they saw me play last year. vuthi was like, damn man, i had respect for you. haha. i said, well now i dont even have respect for myself.. this is what i get for not playing for 8 months. humility. taught by the hands of goddamn noobs. bah. screw it. i need to practice again...

next it was davids grad! it lasted hecka long! we were there for like 3 hours? but there was plenty to see though so i dint get that bored. and melissa was there too so i had someone sorta my age to talk to. its funny i can talk to her now since i used to have a huge crush on her. here she is with my cousin david.

then! we ate at kirin! japanese restaurant!! we got this funny japanese man to cook for us! he was telling us stories about his daughter and how his life was when he first got to the states. he told us stories while he twirled his knives, and flipped shrimp over his back. really entertaining! shirley temples are fun!!!!! i tried twisting the cherry stalk into a not but i could knot. yak. corny ko. so to this day, tim's the only one i've seen do it. (yes ladies, that's supposed to mean he's got a wicked tongue) haha im pimpin you off buddy! sorry sorry...

the night wasnt done yet. when we got home, there were balloons on the door from denise! so we called her up and she said she was on her way to in n out. then we asked her if she wanted to kick it for a bit. so we met up with her there and she gave me my christmas present. yeaaah finallyyy.. she's had it since december. dang. need to get her something now. haha. she came with karen and we just watched em eat. i kept teasing david that he was making moves on nise. but of course we talked in our secret code.. good to be filipino! haha! since they were both chinese, we were safe. roar. we were gonna meet up with her again after she dropped karen off but when she drove by the house we werent there. we were at goddamn pronet and david told her we were goin home so she dint bother gettin off there. g;rnjsklghklhglr'h!!!! stupid! i dint feel like playin anymore after that so we just got coffee then went home for some much needed sleep. david's still sleeping and im writing cuz i'm the only one awake and im bored. ill go play gunbound now. yes. adik.

sulit na araw! daming nangyari! ganyan dapat lahat! tonight, we drink!
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