♥xneversaneverx♥ (hecate_420) wrote,

i just had the weirdest, scariest, and most fucked up dream ever... first i owned a huge mansion.. for some reason i had a whole lot of stone disks with pictures of rhino's on em. (imagine monster rancher disks) then i come home one day and theyre all broken.. so im hecka mad right? and i knew who did it too. this fucked up family of rhino-worshipping hillbillies who lived in a shanty on an island somewhere. they destroyed my disks cuz they thought it was sacrilege or something..(you ever watched that movie wrong turn with eliza dushku and emmanuelle chriqui? the crazy deformed hillbillies there? thats how they looked.) anyway, i set up this expedition to avenge what they did right.. and i had a small tribe of indian braves on my payroll. all of a sudden i had a huge weapon collection and i gave them ancient weapons of war for use in the battle.. then when we were just about to leave, the dream sorta jumped... i was in my lola's house all of a sudden.. the one that burned down... and i killed three people i knew... i dont know how i knew them but while i was having the dream, i felt like i did... i got it in my head somehow that they were spawns of satan and the only way to kill them was to drown them in a small cubic swimming pool that conveniently appeared where my brothers bed used to be in that house. first i tried to kill a baby... my tita's baby that she doesnt really have in real life. she just had one there.. so yeah there... then my tita's 4 year old son.. which she doesnt have either...but somehow they both survived.. thats when i realized that the only way to kill them was to drown them.. so my next victim was this american woman in her late thirties or early fourties.. she even had demonic powers and stuff.. and she was tryina kill me too... then it was just this hella long scene where i was holding her head underwater and i was squeezing her nostrils so she couldnt breathe and she'd die faster... i could picture every fucking moment. i could see her head under the water. her eyes were bulging out and shit.i watched as every bit of life escaped from her lips.. that's when my tita's son wakes up all disoriented and starts mumbling that kuya bam tried to kill him.. the woman was my only successful kill.. and i stepped out of the pool.. then everyone was suddenly closing in on me.. this weird dream family closing in. asking me what the hell was wrong with me... and why there was a dead woman on my brothers bed. putangina then i woke up... this is like the first time ive ever remembered a dream/nightmare so i just had to write it down before i forgot about it... it was a freaky ass dream and i woke up really fucking scared and i felt twisted in the head. tangina! i think there's something wrong with me man...
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