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just one last update before goin to bed...
okay, things i've realized in the past 48 hours:

1) my crush on Lindsay Lohan during her Parent Trap days wasnt badly placed. she is now cute as heck and her boobs are huge too.

2) Hermoine is fucking hot now. shes fucking girlfriend material. gah! that scene where Emma Watson and Daniel Radcliffe were hiding from the werewolf was sweet. i wanted to be Harry Pothead so bad.... haha.

3) after waiting a year for a first glimpse of Cho Chang, they decide not to show her at all. screw that. gotta wait for part 4......

4) my mom is the one person in my family who still cares about my happiness and is still willing to leave my life in my own hands.

5) i think the reason why drug cinema fascinates me so much is because i really am an addict like everyone says. hah. first stage is acceptance. no matter what i try to do people will still think i'm that way. might as well assimilate it instead of trying to deny it all the time. thing is, i dont really give a fuck.

6) anthony kicked my ass at gunbound.

7) i really need to get more sleep.

8) im tired of being a goddamn anything elitist. i like pop as much as i like rock. and happy house as much as i like hard trance. i even go for candy trance sometimes and i think heaven is still a pretty good song. i draw the line on candy pop and candy rock but sometimes they amuse me too. i still like some good charlotte songs, and i still love goddamn NFG. i like finch even if people say they're glassjaw rip-offs. i wouldnt even know glassjaw if i dint listen to finch first. blah. stop the coolness. im content with being eclectic. i like it. just dont give me any of that vengaboys crap or country and i'll listen to it.

i dont know what my tita's intention was when she told me that sooner or later all my friends would leave me. and in the end, they (my family) are the only ones who'll be there for me... it sounded really wrong to me... maybe thats a life lesson she learned while growing up.. i dunno.. i just hope its not true for everyone..
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