♥xneversaneverx♥ (hecate_420) wrote,

alright i wrote this long ass entry yesterday but ended up closing the browser.. i dunno why i did that.. i dint even notice until i was closing the computer already and i remembered i was writing an entry. labo. anyway, i just woke up. my mother woke me up to tell me she made an appointment at the optometrist for 2 pm. then my appointment with the chiropractor is at 4. haaay. i might be getting glasses and she wants to make sure nothing happened to my back during the accident and other stuff..

anyway i met this guy over here. he's pats friend and cz's friends boyfriend. were planning to drop this friday. maybe as soon as david comes over. im sure we'll have plenty to talk about. he's a cool guy. i told him he was living the life i could only dream about for me before.

so there. that should be fun. he's tryina hook up the tabs tonight and if he does then were dropping tonight! he says he might bring back tabs for pat also. hehe. lucky bastard.

well i gotta get ready. dont wanna be late
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