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no sleep for me!

man! david and i just downed 7 beers a piece and were both just buzzed. whats wronggg?? lolx.. keeno just left.. we took phyl home cuz her parents were trippin already. we taught paolo how to play pusoy and tong its! yeah. haha just drank and played the whole night.. then when phyl and em were gone, david, keeno, and i just sat down and talked about the philippines and girls and stuff. hehe. twas fun. tonight was like filipino night.

we played cs as usual. i got some of my skillz back! i went on a 13-0 streak. haha. dumb white boys were hella praisin me. it feels good to be leading again. dang. sakit sa pride nung sobrang pangit score ko eh. haha.. as usual, i just spent loads of money here... dammit..

went to in n out for lunch. french fries animal style is delumptious! tangina! for an extra dollar its fuckin worth it! onga pala! if any of you ever eat there, just tell em to make your fries animal style. its like a secret thing you say and theyll add like toppings on your burger or fries or both! its not on the menu but theyll know it when you say it. :)

then we watched a movie! stupid garfield! it wasnt that funny! the plot was overused! waste of time and money... the short film at the start was funnier than the movie... DONT WATCH IT YOU GUYS. denise, karen, and dennis drove by the theatre for a while but they left again.. i shoulda gone out and went with em instead but i was drivin and i already payed 9 bucks for that dumb movie.

we ate at dennys after cuz david wanted to get the sampler.. i just mooched off his onion rings. heh.
then thats when i found out fuckin cingular cut off my damn line. i dunno why... maybe my tita dint pay for it on time... i was wondering why denise wasnt replying.. yun pala wala nakong line. tae!!!!!! i hate this... my phones just a $400 paperweight again. we found out phyl had like hella sex messages on her phone that she sent to her boy jeff!!! tangina! she was sayin stuff like i want you to ram your dick in my pussy and shit like that! gulat ako! we were teasing her the whole night cuza that!!!! KADIREEEE!!!!! hornyyyyyyy biaaaatccchhhhh! so yeah, then we came home and keeno and em came with us and we drank. DRANK but dint get DRUNK. wasted beers!!!!

hmm.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAVID ABAD!! and uhh.. hooray for the sun!
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