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ok.. we dint leave the house till 5 pm! it was partly my fault tho cuz i couldnt stop watching initial D. fun fun anime about this guy who's really good at drifting and he beats all these big headed street racers. thing is his cars shit. its like a ten year old hatch back and he's racing against skylines and evo's. he always loses on the straightaway but he catches up on the corners cuz he doesnt slow down at all. he's so good at drifting, he can do it even if he comes to the corner at over a hundred miles per hour. pretty fun. i like it anyway.. wish i knew how to drift like that.

when we finally left, our first stop was the mall. we checked out a few stores.. american eagle outfitters sells exactly the same stuff abercrombie does! same style, same everything. maybe theyre racist too. haha.
then we hit the cd warehouse. i was gonna get david his graduation gift there but he couldnt pick out anything.. ill just give him one before i leave. blah. malls here are boring as hell. i was craving for jamba juice so we dropped by there next. i got mango with an energy boost. dint do shit. mahal pa. i woulda been better off with a frap.

then we went to keeno's house after. he wasn't there though. it was just vuthi and keeno's older bro aaron. aaron's flip and vuthi's cambodian(he sounds exactly like diego but diego's pogi-er haha). anyway, aaron kept sayin how david and i couldnt be cousins cuz i looked hella viet or korean. he said "you look like one of them other white asians" tangina kasi mga pinoy dito lahat galing probinsya! tae. im not hatin. it just annoys me when people here keep sayin i cant be flip cuz im too white. its bad enough when other asians say it but when other filipinos say it too.. grr..
so they were washin cars when we got there. david told me that they used keeno's garage as "the garage." they had almost everything you need to fix up your car. aaron was pretty cool. he kept talking about stuff back home and asked a lotta questions. we talked bout how filipinos dont have any imagination and how all the drag racers there just have SI R's. shiiit. i wanted an SI R too when i was there. an orange one... like all the other cool kids. hahahaha.

we were planning to go out and drink after dinner but my tita invited us to watch a movie.... there go our plans.. watched chronicles of riddick. it was okaay... vin diesel is still fuckin bad ass. i mean a lotta people said it sucked but i liked it. yeah... i tried to get denise to come with us but she had to work. damn that girl. she always busy. then she got stuck in oakdale so we couldnt kick it after either. maybe tomorrow.. or whatever. heh. she's still tryina get me to quit smoking. i told her i wouldnt smoke for a day for a hug. she just said "lol. whatever. stupid" haha ;p she says stupid so cute. with a funny twang and without the d. lolx.

david just played final fantasy X when we got home. and i passed out on the couch. lazy fool. heck, we both were. ang init kasi eh. he woke me up round 3 for one last smoke before bed. sarap sa labas. mas malamig ng konti. aiyaa. were goin to mass tomorrow. ayokooooooooo..... haay sige. tulog na si bumbum.
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