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later tonight ill be on my way to my cousin greg dabid! yehey :p it's his graduation tomorrow and were eating out!!!! sushi!!1 nyarr!

it feels good to be driving a stick shift again. automatics are just damn boring. kahit papaano my moms old beemer has some kick in it still. the insurance company's giving me a shitload of stress with my car. TANGINA. THE INSURANCE COMPANY IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! screw them. they are the best fucking symbols for hypocracy! TD BUS! HEEPOHKREETO!

ho hum. i dont think i'll be able to weed the garden before i hafta leave. sayang.. 20 doolars din yun.. need to put my clothes in the wash too... i think ill just put it all in cold wash so i dont hafta sort em out... i hate sorting out clothes and i dont really have that much time...

hay nako...... waaaaaaaaah! i had something good to say.. but i forgot.. waaaah! next time nalang.. too pressed for time to think properly. LACE! you better not have slept in the car! dont forget what i taught you!! grab, twist, and crush! hit him where it hurts if he tries anything! aiyaa

we printed out the lasalle application last night.. and some other info also.. then my mom saw that you can submit SAT scores to ateneo instead of takin the ACET. hmm.. i dont really wanna go to taeneo but i wanna find out if i can make it just to slay one of my personal demons. maybe 1210 is good enough and maybe not. astig if it is though. i need goddamn recommendation letters from a teacher or the principal! waaah! who's gonna recommend someone with crap grades and shit performance?! tangina! maybe my prep teacher...... hahahaha!

i hate it that david and diegs are here in the states and i wont get to see them. tangina. haxor saxor! if only i had money id pay for their tickets! wish i still had my job..

imma go. real world san diego is on. wah! jamie my love! jamie! jamie!!! hotnesss! lipss! asian girlfriend wishful thinking hotness gigil!
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