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ORSEM! i wanted to go! waah! ANTHONY! my blood brother in spirit!!! protect our stars! waaaah! i beg of you!!!! protect them from being mobbed by horny devils!!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!1 protect the starssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss! you must you must!!!! protect them and i will order you the yamakasi video!!!! protect them!!!!!! for as long as they need protecting! waaaaaaaaah!!! goddamn!!! goddamn girl crazy freshies and cradle hunting pedophilia-practicing mother humpers!!!!!!!@! this is driving me nucking futs!!!!! YAMAKASI!!! WAAAH! PROTECT!!! CIRCLE OF PROTECTION RED WHITE BLUE GREEN AND BLACK! HIDE THEIR VIRGIN FACES FROM THOSE HUNGRY SALIVATING MONSTERS THAT LURK INSIDE PA-CUTE EFFECT SHELLS!!!!! MY STARS ARE NAKED!!!!! THEY NEED YOUR ARMORRRRR... I NEED YOUR ARMOR MY BROTHERRRRRRRR........................... this is my plea for help! for service! my favor house atlantic!!!!! gather your armies... constant vigilance says mad-eye! CONSTANT VIGILANCE SAYS I! GOOD EYE SNIPER!!! ILL SHOOT YOU WRITE! THE WORDS WE SCRIBBLED ON THE WALLS. ARE YOU IN OR ARE YOU OUT!? GRGAAAH!!!!
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