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i think i just got hit on..

my cousin took us to this filipino day festival thing where i saw the largest group of filipinos ever in the states. there were all different mixes! astig! i even saw chinese mixes for the first time ever. reminded me of home! haha! so much hotness in one place... woweeee..... anyway, we were watchin this variety show with different presentations like arnis exhibitions, dancing and singing. there were 2 hot girls doing a hawaiian dance! they had the coconuts on boobs thing and all that! i asked my cousin to take pictures so i could post em up soon. hehe. then there were some people who sang rnb. galing kumanta ng mga pinoy dito tangina. parang kai or uhh basta parang egoy boses nila lahat. so there variety show! one of my cousins friends sees me playing with my tongue ring. then shes like "you have your tongue pierced! can i see?" so i stick it out. then she goes "ooh, it must be fun to make out with you huh?" then *snap* everyone turns to look at her. and im just there too surprised to say anything and shes just smiling. in my head im like oh yeah! woohoo! my cousin saved me, she was all shocked and talkin to her friend about hittin on her cousin and blablabla.. ;p woohoo! score! hahahaha ang totoy ko. but still! woohoo!

oh and i was watchin the filipino channel the whole time i was there. i saw this questor blabla thing on tv. that sandara chick is hot! she cant speak english or filipino for shit but shes cuuuuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee maaaaaaan!!!!!!!!!!!!! HWOW! HWOW! kakatawa though.. parang ever since tenentententen starstruck! puro american idol rip offs na yun ginagawa na mga gimmick.. haha malay... well, im gonna go do my traffic school thing first. i think its due this week...laters
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