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i just picked my ass up from the floor. it's 6:40 am. i must've passed out. dang. and they finished all the bacardi silvers! grr.. i just remember watchin this fast and the furious copycat movie starring Chris Cormack, the guy who plays Luke Ward in the OC. he was playin the Brian Spilner character. the cracker with the sweet ride. im still hating on the PI showing the OC durr. all de oh my coolness kids will be all into it like smallville and the rest. i can so see that already. blah.

we flew in from LA on thursday night. my mother picked us up from Oakland then we met up with my cousin and her friend cuz we were stayin with em at sactown for the weekend cuz its her sisters graduation. i never really got along with this cousin that well. like she was sent to the PI for a couple years cuz she was messed up over here. i dunno, maybe we just dint jive cuz maybe she thought i was too goody goody (that was around 7th grade to sophomore year i think) and i thought she was el slut-oh, e popper, lsd dropper, weed smoker, extreme-oh, because she was. my barkada knows who im talkin bout. she the one who got it on with one of my friends while all of us were in the same room. hahaha. but yeah, she's better now. still a bitch but i've been makin an effort to make us closer. it seems to be workin and im glad. im sick of hatin on her and she bitchin on me. so i thought id show her some love and see if she decides to act grown up, and she does. so yeah its all good with us now thank god.

anyway, we bought some drinks before goin home. we got hypnotiQ and some hen. i just wanna say, hypnotiq is the shit. tangina. i wanna bring a couple bottles home with me para sa mga inuman kanila joe. seriously. its hecka good but really strong too. like i felt a rush on my first sip and thats never happened to me with any other drink before. my cousin says you can get buzzed by your third mug. so yeah there, it was my cousin, my bro, and i, and we finished a bottle of hypnotiq and left like 1/4th of the hennessy. my damn cousin was tryin to check if i was a fob or not by asking me to read cognac on the hen bottle. tangina yan. she says she knows some hella fob asians who pronounced it kognack. bwahahaha. we were trippin on it the whole night till it eventually evolved from kognack to kognag. i shall call cognac kognag from now on. :p

tired and tipsy as i was though, i stayed up and played gunbound the whole night. haha. now i know how lace feels whenever she plays ragnarok. so what ended up happening was i was fallin asleep everywhere the whole day. i couldnt even keep my eyes open durin the graduation. damn. haha. we went out for dinner afterwards. just us cousins. there were 12 of us and it was hella fun. antonette (my cuz who graduated) dint come cuz she had like a grad night thing afterwards. but yeah i ate so much! honey chicken and shrimp fried in batter with garlic mashed potatoes and french toast. woot! what made it fun though was hangin with all those kids my age. we had like 7 girls in the group and it was damn noisy! kakahiya nga nung una kasi sobrang ingay talga nila. they were all like 18 to 21 years old. and the 21 year olds were all flashin their ID's and buyin drinks. tae yan. daya pucha >:( but when i saw none of the other people really minded i dint anymore either. we bought two 6 packs of bacardi silver on the way home just to end the night right. and that brings us to where i am now. i woke up and antonette's not home yet. hmmm i think she and her boyfriend got freaky deaky last night. woot.

whew. there. i shoulda been livin like this from the start! wah. siguro ang saya ko dito kung ganito buhay ko dati pa. hahahahaha. ill go play gunbound again now. roar!
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