♥xneversaneverx♥ (hecate_420) wrote,

a lone figure twirling in the middle of a room.
a spark. a line. a breath.
dizzy yet?
nothing holds. nothing sticks for more than a moment.
you need a push to help you spin.
perfect hit. a pat on the back. a gesture of gratitude for a service well done.
think fast. move faster.
fast enough to warp colors and worlds. blend lives and dreams.
time has been given more powerful wings.
smear naked souls onto your canvass.
pause in mid-creation. feed more fuel to the fire!
a spark, a line, and a breath or two.
stand back and watch your picture paint itself.
one poison follows another.
too long ignored, one of your desires has forgotten its name.
all that matters now is what waits to be made.
a racing heart warns of a twisted promise, a false whisper of immortality.
life, the spark no longer yields.
of the once proud line, but a stain remains.
no breath can be drawn from empty vessels.
whats left of crystal stars can no longer be seen.
a release. a war. an eternity and more.
living only for that next spark, and a future of endless lines.
so crash down.
crash forever.
get spun..
but spin slow.
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